Mobe Matt Lloyd: Tips for Seductive Sales Copy

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips for Seductive Sales Copy

Mobe Matt Lloyd : Great quality copy is good, if you are writing news. If you are writing copy to sell something, your copy needs to be of great quality of course, but it also needs to be seductive. By the end of the copy, your reader should have realized a problem them might not even have known they have, and see how what you are selling is the solution to that problem.

Apple does it all the time; whenever their latest smartphone comes out, its new features are very attractive of course, but it’s their copy that tells you your current smartphone-which you probably bought about a few months ago only- is outdated and that you need a new one. So, how do you write seductive copy like Apple?

Command Attention with Your Headline

Your website visitors are going to look at your headlines before they decide if they want to engage in with your content. Focus on one thing you want your audience to know about your product when writing a headline.

Develop an Enticing Value Proposition

Your value proposition is the conversation starter. It’s the reason your readers will want to know more from you. This is no place to be artistic with your word play. Your readers are in a hurry and they want a straightforward point of why they want to read your article. After your heading, dive right in and write a clear, credible, and conscience reason users should go on.

Promote Readability

Sales copy needs to be easy to read. If readers have to struggle to go through your copy, they will just move on to the next. Write short, snappy sentences. Don’t be afraid of starting a sentence with a ‘and’ or ‘but’. Or a one-word sentence. Try to keep your copy at twelve words per sentence.

When you write your sales copy, focus on your readers. Show them that you care about them and their satisfaction with the product. Think of all the objections they might have to the product, and dispel them one by one.