MOBE Training: How to Connect with Customers When Making Sales


The key to succeeding in sales is the ability to connect with the customer so that they trust you enough to buy from you. Many salespersons try too hard to convince customers to buy, instead of listening to their wants and needs, then offering them a product that solve their problems.

To connect with customers, you need to have certain skills that help you make the sales pitch about the customer, not just the transaction you need to make. The MOBE training guide below shows three powerful relationship building tips for connecting better with your customers.

1) Sincerity

Keep in mind that the buying process is not about you, but the customer. Listen to their needs and wants sincerely without an agenda. Offer products you genuinely believe in and you would use and you have confidence that they will help solve your customer’s problem.

2) Ethics

Never try to talk a customer into buying a product. After the customer has explained their needs, present the product you are offering, explain how it will satisfy their needs, and then let them make their own decision about it.

Do not try to corner your customer into a sale, because their opinion about the product doesn’t change. They will merely be buying because you talked them into it, but you can be assured that will be the last time you see them. Loyal customers are educated customers. They believe in your message and want your product, hence they will come back for more.

3) Asking

Sometimes salesperson get too excited about a product they believe in, and they keep talking about it without first finding out what the customer needs and expects. Start your sales pitch by asking the customer questions about themselves, their expectations, and what problems they would like to have solved in line with your product.

The most important skill a salesperson needs is the ability to listen and understand their customers well. Without listening, you won’t know what your customer truly wants, hence you will not be solving their problem, and they will have no reason to buy from you.