MOBE Training – How to Create Effective Copy That Sells

mobe matt lloyd tips to make effective copy

The great secret to successful affiliate marketing is quality content. Your content should come off as trustworthy, authoritative, and offer helpful advice in order to attract searchers in buying mode.

This MOBE training guide will give you five secrets to creating compelling copy that captures users’ attention and retain it.


There is no worse copy than confused copy. Writing unintelligible content that fails to simply and effectively put forward its point is the quickest way to lose your audience’s attention. Why should people trust your site and reviews if you don’t know what you are talking about?

Research thoroughly and come up with comprehensive, informative copy that provides a benefit to users.

Write for Everyone

Difficult-to-understand words and jargons are unnecessary. Using such complicated writing can exclude potential customers. Instead write copy that is easy for every level reader; in the same manner you would speak in a one to one conversation with a potential client.

Structure Your Writing

Use varied sentence lengths that keeps the flow of your copy engaging. Split sentences that are too long; waffling will lose the reader’s attention. Remember that users scan through content online, so you should use short paragraphs that are more attractive and easier to read. Long paragraphs may intimidate your readers, and they’ll just move on.

Also use bullets to list information like benefits or features of a product. It makes your copy easier to read.

Believe in Your Product

You should be passionate about the products you are selling. Learn and fully understand products in the MOBE Marketplace, apply them to your own business, and have firsthand testimony of how effective they are.

Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner and give them information they need to have. Avoid fluff and use every word to make a point. Explain the products well, outlining their features, and the benefits of those features.

Use Power Words

When it comes to copy, one word can change everything. Every single word in your copy is worth stewing over, because a word can change the meaning, tone, and motivation of a sentence.

Words like ‘free’, ‘proven’, and ‘new’ are some of the most effective words to use in marketing for obvious reasons. Everybody loves free stuff.  Everybody wants something that’s proven to work, and everybody wants in on the latest trend.

Emphasize any free material you might have, or discounts customers can get from your links. Talk about the research and statistics that prove your products work, and share some testimonies from real customers.

Every time you write copy, read it out loud before you use it. How will copy like that make you feel if you came across it on a website? Be very honest with yourself, if the copy does not convince you to buy a product, it will probably not convince others, and you need to rework it.