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Mobe Affiliate Program – Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are some of the most highly visible public figures. But for every billionaire with that level of popularity, there are many more whose names you never hear and wouldn’t know anyway. Great wealth is not reliant upon a strong public persona and nowhere is this truer in Internet marketing.

A Misconception

Like any industry, the Internet marketing niche has its celebrities and gurus—the most successful and visible direct marketers. They have snazzy websites and blogs with thousands of subscribers. They write books. They appear at live events and address hundreds of audiences. They are in your inbox every other day or so, unless they are having a product launch or a sales deadline; in which case, they may show up daily or even twice a day.
Because of this, I suspect that there are people who are interested in making a lot of money online but have held off or given up on the idea because they think it means they have to be one of these gurus too.
Understandably, some people, for one reason or another, don’t want to be the “talking head” or the celebrity. Not everyone feels like they have the looks or the personality or the time for it. I honestly didn’t when I started out. I didn’t want to talk in front of people. I never considered there was another way to do what I wanted to do.
If you want to build up a large, well-known company like MOBE, it helps to “put a face” on your business. But if you’re just interested in making money online, it’s not necessary at all.

Quiet Members of the Billionaire’s Club

The club includes people you know and love: Oprah Winfrey (net worth of $3 billion), Steven Spielberg ($3.6 billion), Sir Richard Branson ($4.8 billion), and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg ($35 billion).
It also includes Riley Bechtel. Never heard of him? He heads the seventh-largest privately-owned U.S. company, Bechtel Corp. They are the people who built Hoover Dam and carved the “Chunnel” underwater between Britain and France. He’s worth $5.5 billion.
How about Americo Amorim, Portugal’s “King of cork”? He turned his grandfather’s little cork factory into a $650 million-a-year business, of which he still owns 50 percent. His $7 billion worth comes from his sizeable investments in energy, finance, and tourism.There are many, many others. None are public figures. You don’t have to be either.

MOBE Millionaire under the Radar

I know of one guy who, as of this writing, has made more than $1.5 million in commissions with MOBE. He was the fifth person to do so—one of our all-time top earners.
If I told you his name, you’d look at me blankly. His name is not associated with any websites. Neither his name nor his face are on the cover of any books. The video he uses doesn’t show him or even have his own voice in it. He doesn’t have any videos on YouTube. I’ve attempted to Google him and came up empty-handed.
He’s not a guru or an authority; he hasn’t identified and optimized a brand. He’s just a guy who has made a whole lot of money online with MOBE.

How Did He Do It?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that this particularly successful marketer’s results are not typical. He was not a beginner when he came to MOBE, but had plenty of past online marketing experience and had built up a decent list to market to.
He’s not doing anything that anyone else couldn’t do, he just happens to be doing it on a larger scale but anyone can start bringing in sales and making commissions without establishing their personal brand or any kind of online presence.
It works like this: he is using an affiliate network to drive traffic to MOBE’s $49-dollar front-end offer, the 45-Minute Paydays. The people who arrive at this offer can watch the video he’s posted which, as I mentioned earlier, does not feature him in any way. People can click the “buy now” button without ever talking to or seeing this guy. He remains unknown.
I know of other affiliates who came to MOBE with online marketing experience and who have made a comfortable set of six figures without marketing to their existing lists. One in particular started by just placing ads on Facebook to drive traffic to MOBE’s offer. People saw the ad, clicked on it and arrived at MOBE’s high-converting lead capture page, where they could watch the 45-Minute Paydays video. This particular person generated all kinds of new traffic and began building an entirely new list.
MOBE’s lead capture pages are optimized to be as high-converting as possible. You just need to drive the traffic to them and a percentage of that traffic will buy.
And you can do it without a website, without being an online personality … without ever showing your face or name if you don’t want to.

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