MOBE Training: When—and Why—Good Enough Is Good Enough


In the world of business, getting a product out into the market is far more important than getting a perfect product out into the market. There is a place for perfection, but if you put it at the beginning, you may never actually get a product out.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

In 1985, car buyers in both the U.S. and Australia discovered a new and remarkably inexpensive imported automobile. At $4,995, the Hyundai Excel appealed mostly to people in the lower income brackets. Hyundai sold approximately 170,000 of them.

The Excel presented a lot of value for the money, even making Fortune Magazine’s annual list of best products. However, within a year, its flaws started to show, as an alarming number of Excel owners reported numerous mechanical, and fit and finish issues.

Though sales initially leveled off, people continued to purchase their value-priced vehicles. The company ultimately salvaged its battered reputation, both by resolving their quality-standards problems and by giving their vehicles a superior warranty.

Today, Hyundai is popular, with two of their models being among the top 25 best-selling vehicles in the U.S.

Hyundai did the right thing by putting the Excel out there when they did. At that price, people should sensibly have known they were not getting a miracle; they were getting a new, fully functioning, basic automobile at a very low price.

In other words, the Hyundai Excel was good enough.

The Right Mindset

A lot of people struggle with this idea. They are continuously getting ready but never starting. They think they can’t put something out—a webpage, a blog post, a new product offer—unless it’s absolutely perfect. So, they obsess over it, which delays the launch, publication, etc.

I have a little formula about this: The more you obsess, the less you’ll get done. The more you finish things and get them out, the more money you stand to make.

The right mindset is to put a higher value on finishing things and getting them out than on achieving total perfection. Consider that it’s good enough when it’s good enough.

Quality vs. Time

I am not suggesting that you purposely throw together a lot of low-quality junk and try to pass it off as high-quality products.

Always produce the best products you can within your resources, but do it against specific timelines.

So, if your audience expects an email message every day, that means you have a limited amount of time during which to create a message and get it out to them. The damage you will cause yourself by failing to stay in continual contact with your list (because you’re obsessing over an email) is far worse than the damage you will cause yourself by sending out an email message that’s good enough. You don’t have the luxury of obsessing over it being perfect.

When it comes to product launches, I use something I call “self-imposed accountability.” I set a deadline and announce it to my list (e.g. “Our new training product will be available a week from today.”). This way, I set up an expectation in my audience and because I’ve put myself at risk of public humiliation, it forces me to get it done.

Then I get busy creating it or finishing it. With the deadline staring me in the face and the wish to avoid humiliation driving me, I move quickly, make it as good as I can (and our products are of high quality), and get it out the door by the time I said I would.

That’s how you get into business and stay in business—by getting things completed and out the door.

Final Thought

In my experience, it’s better to get a product out that will satisfy 85 percent of the people who buy it than it is to obsess over it until it’s something that satisfies 95 percent of your audience.

Getting the product done and out is what brings the money in. When you’ve got cash, you can afford to hire help to go back over the product, clean up the bugs and improve it. Then you can issue it as a version two.

So my advice is, rather than slowing down and overanalyzing, move fast. Get it done and out to your list. In business, especially in the beginning, it’s better to move quickly and issue stuff that’s good enough than it is to obsess and delay until it’s perfect.

Matt Lloyd

MOBE Affiliate Program: All-new 21 Steps Preview Training Webinar

mobe affiliate program 21 steps business training
MOBE Affiliate Program: As MOBE continues to be on the forefront of business education training, this past week MOBE revealed the all-new 21 Steps Business program.
 In this training for the MOBE consultants, CEO Matt Lloyd explained the compensation plan and the addition of 2 new business development programs.

The 2 new programs in addition to the 21 Steps are:

  • Silver Masterclass
  • Gold Masterclass

Matt Lloyd reviewed the back-office members area of the 21 Steps, which revealed a completely updated training area, with additional traffic training, and all-new case studies.

To promote this all new front end offer, and to learn how to be eligible for back-end commissions up to $25,000, visit the MOBE Consultant sign-up page.

Do I Need a Personal Brand When Promoting MOBE Products?

Do I Need a Personal Brand When Promoting MOBE Products

MOBE Products: Branding is vital to a business. Your brand is what sets you apart from competition and makes you recognizable to your customers. A brand also gives you placement in the market and sets consumer’s expectations of you.

As an affiliate marketer, you promote the MOBE affiliate program and MOBE products. This can get you wondering if you should develop your own brand aside from being a MOBE consultant, or whether you even need one.

It’s A Business

Affiliate marketing is a business like any other, hence you need a brand for your business. Your business if different in the sense that you are advertising MOBE products, alongside other MOBE consultants and other people promoting business training products for other affiliate programs. In such a competitive market, you need to give people a reason to choose you, hence you need to sell your personal image.


Affiliate marketing is an increasingly competitive industry. It is vital that you stand out from the masses if you want to make success of your business. When you have a strong brand image, people will be coming to you to look for products. They recognize you as an industry leader, and whenever they need a solution within your niche, you will be foremost in their mind. For example, if you establish yourself as an expert in business training, small businesses in your audience may contact you when they need advice on a business problem, and you could offer them suitable MOBE products.


Having a strong personal brand gives you authority. Customers start recognizing you as an expert in your subject field, and are willing to listen to you. Your audience trust you and the information you provide, so you become an influential factor in their purchase decision. They will be more willing to click your links and buy.


Every business needs a brand image, and you should realize that your ‘work’ with the MOBE affiliate program is indeed a business. As the business representative, you have a responsibility of creating a personal brand that makes your business stand out.

MOBE Training: Why You Should Integrate Your Online and Offline Promotional Messages

MOBE Training: Why You Should Integrate Your Online and Offline Promotional MessagesMOBE Training: The digital movement has made marketing considerably easier. Entrepreneurs can now reach wider audiences, and just about anyone can promote their products online without engaging a professional marketing expert.

This is no way make traditional marketing means irrelevant. People still very much watch television, and no one can avoid noticing a billboard or two in as they move around town in their daily activities. They may go on to find out more about the product online, but their attention was still caught by that billboard or television advert. That is why it is important to utilize both traditional and digital means of advertising to gain the maximum exposure for your products.


Your offline traffic forms their purchase decision based on information they got from an offline source. For example, they will see your advertisement on television, and will be hooked enough to consider your product for purchase, hence they go to the website to find out more and probably make a purchase. What hooked them into your product is the television message. They expect to find the same feel in the website.

Focus on creating mutually harmonized messages and themes in all your advertising efforts. All the taglines, messages, product descriptions and slogans should be integrated and consistent enough that someone visiting your website for the first time could easily relate your online persona to the offline one and create a mental linkage.

Uniformity of your messages helps your customers find your website with ease, and also keeps them in the website longer, as they will want to find out more about the message that hooked them from an offline media. The longer they spend in your website, they more likely they are to be convinced of your product, hence making a purchase.


Marketers should not view digital and different entities to be tackled separately. Using both method gives you a wider reach and can strengthen your brand presence. Integrate your messages for both methods to avoid confusing your audience.

How Do I Stand Out from The Competition When Promoting MOBE Products?

How Do I Stand Out from The Competition When Promoting MOBE Products?

MOBE Products: There are many marketers in the business education niche that are going to be vying for your prospects’ attention. There is a lot of companies in the business education niche, offering business training products like MOBE.

If you want to sell in this cutthroat industry, you have to stand out from the competition. Find something that differentiates you from them and makes you a better choice for the consumer. Below are a few things you can do to stand out when promoting MOBE products.

1)  Sell Product Uniqueness

MOBE products are developed with the customer in mind. Created by people who are small entrepreneurs themselves, MOBE products are best suited to addressing the needs of small businesses. Sell the fact that people who developed the products understand the needs of a small business because they have been there themselves, and these are strategies that have helped them succeed.

2)  Offer Bonuses

One of the best ways to get customers to choose you over the competition is to offer something extra. Offer a bonus customer will receive after they purchase from you. Make the bonus valuable, relevant, and enticing enough for the customers to want it. For example, when you are promoting MOBE products, you can offer a free, personalized business consultation to help the customers on the best strategies to apply what they learnt from MOBE products to their businesses.

3)  Relationships

Many marketers want to reach as many of the target audience as possible, and the keep in contact with mass messages, which don’t always produce much results. To stand out, select a few of the most likely to buy, and create a strong relationship with them. Personally call them, and listen to their business challenges. Assess the situation, and select the best MOBE products for them, then explain in detail how that particular product is going to help them. Be specific to their business, and build a picture of the transformation they can expect once they implement what the product has to offer.


The most important thing to do if you want to stand out in the marketing niche is to know what you are doing. Design your websites to look professional. Learn copywriting, video creation, customer relations and other marketing skills that will make customers notice you.


MOBE Ratings: Offer a Bonus to Encourage Prospects to Upgrade

mobe ratings to upgrade bonus

MOBE Ratings: The internet marketing niche is a very competitive industry, and you will need to have something different to stand out and have an advantage over your competition. One of the greatest ways is to incentivize your prospects with a bonus they will get for buying from you.

But how do you go about offering that bonus without it seeming like a bribe, and how can you guarantee that you are not making a loss with prospects that are not going to buy?

Know Your Client’s Worth To You

Before you offer a prospect a bonus, evaluate their lifetime worth to you. Have a rough estimate of how much they will spend on your business in their lifetime as a customer. This will help you deduce how much you can spend to acquire that customer. You don’t want to be spending a lot of money on a customer that is only going to spend a small amount of money, sometime even less than what you paid to acquire them.

For More Click Here :Internet Marketing for Beginners

Give Value, But Maintain Your Margins

The foremost and important thing when offering a bonus is value. Make sure what you are offering to your prospects is something of value that can benefit them in their business. Learn to differentiate between ‘valuable’ and ‘expensive’. Just because something you are offering is high priced doesn’t necessarily make it valuable. Also, some bonuses give value, but are outside the limits or what you can, or are willing to spend. For example, a laptop is a high priced item that will be costly to offer for prospects to sign up. Instead, you can offer a valuable bonus that cost less, for example, a free coaching session with you.

Give The Bonus After A Sale

MOBE Ratings: Never send a bonus before the prospect makes the actual sale. You promised the bonus as a reward for purchasing with you, and it should stay that way, otherwise you are setting yourself up for a possible loss. This is especially true for physical products like laptops, mobile devices, etc.

Final Thought

Offering a bonus is a smart way of giving your prospects that extra push they need to make their purchase decision. Be careful when offering the bonus, to make sure you do not lose money acquiring a customer who will not bring you much profit.


MOBE Matt Lloyd: What Does It Take to Be One of TOP Consultants?

mobe matt lloyd make money online

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: Top MOBE consultants earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some have crossed over to a million dollars, and have established themselves in the industry as marketing experts. What does one have to do to be among these accomplished people?

Build Your Own List

They say the money is in the list, and that about sums up why you need to build your own emailing list. Through your email list, you get to keep constant engagement and marketing opportunity. The more targeted your list is, the better for your conversion and long term marketing success. Focus on a targeted list than a large, generic list which only lowers your conversion percentage.

Influence and Convert

As a salesperson, you should be able to influence your prospects’ purchase decisions and convert them to buying customers. That’s how you earn those high commissions that put you among MOBE’s top earners.

To be able to convert, you first need to have the right traffic to come to your website. Organic traffic is good and converts best, but it is unstable and bases too much on search engine algorithms. So, you need to invest in paid traffic. Once you have traffic come to you lead capture page, focus on follow up. Follow-ups go beyond just email marketing. You have to run webinars, use video marketing, and connect with your audience in social media.

Focus On Front End Buyers

One of MOBE’s main front end offers is MTTB, and you want to focus on those. Once you get a sale on those front end offers, you want to start building a relationship with the buyers. Keep constant contact with them and engage them with your campaign.  Then start marketing to them, getting them on webinars, live events, and engaging with MOBE’s phone sales team.


As a MOBE consultant, you have an opportunity to make huge amounts of money. You get to promote high ticket MOBE products that earns you more because of MOBE’s high commissions. To get to the MOBE consultant top spot, create a targeted email list and focus on converting them to buying customers.

Matt Lloyd’s- Business Distraction Tactics

Matt Lloyd's Business

Matt Lloyd’s Business– Awesome item thoughts are not bought; they’re imagined. That implies that any item you see is a consequence of somebody’s creativity. Some person thought about a thought and afterward made it a reality.

In any case, extraordinary business thoughts are difficult to find. You’ll once in a while have an “eureka minute” when you’re caught up with doing different things like running an organization. That is the reason it’s essential to calendar only some time for high-influence considering.

Diversions Come in Many Forms

Diversions are deterrents that you ought to kill rapidly in the event that you need your business to advance. Firstly, you should have the capacity to perceive its numerous structures with a specific end goal to keep away from it:

Long Chats with Colleagues


Web Browsing

Focusing about Your Business

Cell phones

Take 30

With such a large number of diversions around us, it can be close difficult to discover an ideal opportunity to unwind and consider new thoughts. It can appear as though you’re everlastingly chipping away at your last one. That is the reason you have to try to distribute no less than 30 minutes a day for yourself.

Burn through 30 minutes from the diversions of regular life and work, and utilize that opportunity to loosen up and let thoughts come streaming to you. You won’t not create new thoughts every time, but rather that is alright. Make it a propensity so you can in the long run condition your psyche to think clearer. Before sufficiently long, you’ll end up overflowing with new business thoughts.

Keep in mind to switch off every one of your gadgets; no telephones, PCs, or tablets. What’s more, regardless of how essential an email might be, abstain from focusing on yourself about it amid this time. Simply free your brain, keep away from diversions, and let your psyche invoke new business thoughts.

Plan for an impressive future

Some of my best thoughts came to me amid whole deal flights and drives. That is on account of I have almost no diversions around me, and I can concentrate on new business thoughts without worrying around a thump on my office entryway or another email coming through.

The possibility of MTTB came to me amid a flight from Fiji to Perth in 2013. That sort of high-influence intuition is justified regardless of a great deal of cash. It might simply appear like a thought that is not going to produce any wage for you, but rather over the long haul, you’ll see its capability to give a considerable ROI.

That is the thing that huge thoughts do: they turn into the establishment of a lifetime of income.

Richard Branson utilized a comparative methodology to make his progress with Virgin Group. He clarified in his life account, “My enthusiasm forever originates from setting myself tremendous, clearly unachievable difficulties and attempting to transcend them … from the viewpoint of needing to live to the full, I felt that I needed to endeavor it [Virgin airlines].”


When you have some available time to think, you don’t need to essentially consider enormous thoughts. Essentially, think. Withdraw from the diversions of your bustling day and get the wheels under way by thinking of some great quality business thoughts.

Keep in mind, diversions prevent efficiency, and an inefficient business can be hard to grow. When you dispose of those diversions, you can start to scale your business.

MOBE Training: Internet Marketing for Beginners

Mobe Training Tips for Beginners

Mobe Training: If you are a complete newbie to the internet marketing spectrum, you probably have already met a few words that have confused you. Internet marketing has a lot of jargons and abbreviations that only insiders will understand, so this MOBE training guide will explain sixterms among the most commonly used in online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization-

(SEO) probably one of the most used words in content marketing. SEO refers to efforts made to improve search engine ranking in order to gain more visitors to your website. You do this by incorporating search engine friendly elements like content, keywords, images, etc.

Search Engine Ranking-

The position at which your website appears in search engine result pages. You want to optimize your pages so that it can get top results and gain you a lot of organic traffic.

Keywords –

these are words and phrases that make it easy for people to find your website in the internet.

Conversion Rate-

Your conversion is the number of people that take a desired action in your website, e.g., opted in to your list, purchased, etc. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who converted out of all who visited your page in a given timeframe.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)-

A system for increasing your conversion rate. It involves the user experience you give page visitors, visual design, copywriting, neuromarketing, etc.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)-

A unique trait that differentiates you from all the rest. It is basically a way of telling customers why they should purchase with you instead of someone else. A good UVP will explain to the user what they get from buying the product, and what other perk they will get from buying specifically with you, e.g. discounts.


Internet marketing grows every day, with more systems and processes coming into place and replacing or complementing the old ones. This comes with new terms and words, and it is important for a marketer to keep up with this new words. This are just a few of the words you will definitely meet as an online marketer. Research and learn as much as you can so that you improve your competency and chances of success.

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